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After Movie Ishq Puni Thare Arindam Roy back in Babu Bhai Jaan odia Movie

Babu Bhaijaan Odia upcoming Movie

About Movie:

Movie:Babu Bhaijaan
StarCast:Arindam Roy,Shivani Sangita,Mihir Dash,Boby Mishra
Director:Tapas Sargharia
Music:Malaya Mishra
Lyrics:Panchanan Nayak
Production:Khawaja Garib Nawaj Production.

Movie Details:

After A long Time Interval ,Powerstar Arindam Roy Back Again With A New Movie,
Names As "Babu Bhaijaan" .For The First time The viewers  Will Watch The child Actress Shivani Sangita With Arindam roy.

Nearly About After One Year Of The Superhit Movie Ishq puni there Which Is also Directed By Tapas Sarghria,
It was Another Film That Hits To The Threater In This Dussera. 

After a long Period,Child actress Shivani Sangita Again Looks With The 
Ollywood Mega star Arindam Roy .Specially To give A Big Surprise to All Cine Fans, Arindam Again Come Back In the movie "BABU BHAIJAAN" .

As you Know that It Is The First Odia biopic Movie,Directed By Tapas Saregharia And also The cine viewers can watch Arindam Roy and Shivani for the first time in the Big screen. 

which makes the movie More Interactive For the cine fans.
arindam Also appears After a Long Period Of time So that The Fans Also waiting with More Crase.before That Arindam Looks In the Superhit Movie " Ishq Puni Thare" And This Movie also Liked By the fans Very Much As a result This Movie Makes A Good Collection In Box Office.

Now this movie will Be Releasing Soon In Dusherra Thats Only Thing To See That ,Howmuch The film Will Liked By The Viewers.

Story line Of the movie:

Arindam Roy as Abdul amin khan 

For The First Time Arindam Roy Is Acting On a Biopic film .

As All Of You Know That It is the First Odia Biopic Film Tll now . Which Is Based upon The Struggling Life-story Of The Sucessfull Business Man of The  Village "Lakshman khunata"  In Balasore District ,Named As Abdul Aman Khan.
So This Movie is Based On The Life story Of a Sucessfull business man In all over world. 

Startng as a Trailor in Village Lakshman Khunta(Dist:Baleswar) How He Becomes a sucessful business man In all Over The india Aswell as in The World

Non Other Than anyone  He Is "Abdul amin khan". this Story line is Very nicely By the Director Tapas sargharia.
now it only Depends On Arindam Roy's Dedication On work

Role Played by actor:

In this Movie Arindam Roy Has Played A trailorman Charactor.And After A Heavy Struggle How He Becomes A Sucessfull Business Man In The world.

And The Child actress Shivani Sangita Has been playing a Vital Role Against Arindam roy

Release Date of the movie:

 According To Some Social Media And also Arindam Roy Has been Posted That ,In This Dusherra This Movie Will  Be Released.

To give The Audiance A great Surprise Arindam Roy Has Back Again With A Diffrent Charactor,And With A Diffrent Personality

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