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Papua pom pom Criticis Ranu mondal|| And Apologise His Mistake

After Criticis Ranu mondal Papu pom pom Apologised for his Mistake .

Bhubaneswara From Few Days An Voice of a Woman Spreading Like a Smoke .And Now he becomes The Icon Of all Youth singer.And her Voice quality also Very good So that To Bring Such a Tallent To The Big screen

Himes Reshmiya Give Her To a Chance To sing A song In Himesh Reshmias Upcoming Movie .Ranu Mondal Also Sang This Song Beautyfully  And Become Famous With This Duet With Himes Reshmiya. 

But Recently Ollywood Comedy king Papu pom pom Criticis Ranu Mondal By Copiying Him And Main Fact is That He Dresses himself as Ranu Mondal And Sing With a Jocking Voice.
But When The public See this Viral video public react To Papu pom pom .so to Apologise His Mistake Papu Pom pom request To The Public for Forgive him.He tells that -

"I have No Intention To Criticise  Ranu mondal We are Dedicating This Video To Ranu Mondal  "

But Except that Papu pom pom Hasn't To Do so And Dont Criticis Any people As like.
Before some month Papu pom pom Has Made so many mistake And when The Public reacts Papu pom pom Request forgive.
As He is Hi self a actor And He has to Realise that He is a Singer and he may also faces as Like this situation
SO That he Has to Not do So this

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Reported By :-

  Jagabandhu Mohanta

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