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Babushaan Mohanty Accident with a Bike at bhubaneswara

Babushaan Mohanty Faced Accident at  Bhubaneswar

babushaan mohanty car accident
Babushaan Mohanty Car Accident
Bhubaneswar: Near bhubaneswar At Sampur The Ollywood star babushaan Mohanty's car Has been accident In this accident One leg of an peop[e get Dammaged ,Thats whay there The nearer people are get excited With anger .

Accroding To our Media report When Babushaan Returning to home After Shooting At that Time BAbushaan Mohanty's Car give kick to Anathor moter bike, and The car has rolled out over the leg of the bike rider ,Bike rider name
Ranjan Nayak was  accidented But Till Now There are No Such Official In formartion Get by our Reporter , After The Accident the Village people Transfer the man to Hospital And Claim Accidental mony to babushaan mohanty.

But The Narer Village People Gthored and stop Babushan's Car, But one thing is confirmed that Babushaan Mohanty Not enjuiried because he was Siting At the Back sit And His Driver Was driving The car.

After The accident THe chandaka Police has been Arrived And Try o Controll the People And Try to Handdle The Situation,Till now we are not able to get Babushaan mohantys statement About the accident.

babushaan mohanty accident
Babushan Mohanty accident

As Per The village pedple "when Babushan Mohanty Was returning to home At that time his Driver Drive the car over the Leg of the people ,So that the leg of the people hasbeen broken,and after the incident babushaan mohanty return to home by an auto Without solvig the  Matter there. So tha the people of that village Sampur claim for Help For the Sufferer rest of the life" .

The main Thing is That At the Acciden t spot Babushaan mohanty will not help to the Man Rather than he Return to the home by an auto,this matter makes the people more excited.
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