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Chabbi Rani Odia Upcoming Movie of 2020

Chabbi Rani Odia Upcoming Movie of 2019


Movie Details:

Movie-Chabi Raani
Mihir Dash
Director-Boby islam

About The Movie:

Bhubaneswar: The sensetional Chab Rani gange rape and murder case that had make odisha very sorrow.
and Based upon this true story odia cine industry is going to make the movie "chabirani".
 This movie is directed by Bobby Islam and Produce by also Boby Islam.

In this Film two new faces,Aman and Chabirani,willbe appeaars in Lead role.Besides veteran actors like Siddhant Mohapatra,Mihir Dash and Anu Choudhuri Will play crucial roles.

Accroding To The director bobby, Chabirani is not just a story of a girl Belonging to odisha,rather it relates to all those girlds those who are sufering like this situation in real life.

Director Boby Islam-

"This is a story ofthe land of the Odisha so we tried to do something diffrent from current trend of the stories in the film indusrty.we will soon start the shooting of this movie.And the film has been released on the ocassion of New year of the 2020".

Story Of The Movie:

Generally This Movie Will Based Upon the True story of an odisha girl chabirani

Chhabi rani was a bengalli,origianaly lives in Midnpur.she  met one Naba Kishore Mohapatra in puri and fell in love with him and latter got married.

As both Of them are un employed and the lookng for jobs,then decided to go to Naba's Village and Find jobs Their .

they were then pass through a series of incident and asked to leave the village
as like how he get raped by a gange This is the main story of this movie

so,if you are the odia cine lovers then you must have to go to watch this cinema "Chabi Rani".

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