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Love feaver odia upcoming movie 2019

Love feaver odia upcoming movie 2019

Movie Details:

Movie-Love feavers 
star Cast-Sabyasachi And Elina
Music Director-Prem Anand

Movie Review:

As arindam roy appears in this dusherra with the movie "Babu bhaijaan",
as like Stylis star Sabyasachi also Appears In a New Movie "Love feaver"
The shooting of the Movie is under process And the Film May release In this Dusherra.

Before that Sabyasachi and Elina samant ray's Movie "Maal mahu Jiban Mati" and "Tokata Fasigala" are Liked by the viewers Very much And also The film Tokata Fasigala in The top position on highest grossed odia movie list.

Now anathor Movie is Going to be release may be in this Dusherra.

In this Movie Sabuyasachi will Appears in The role of michale and Elina SAmantray will Appears In he Role of Radhika In this movie Sabyasachi is the son of an Fastfood seller Bishnusahoo from the Odia seriel "Tosa Nohila Mora Chita".

In now a days Sabyasachi Not only serious in Comedy But He now appears in Diffrent action and love also,One secreatthing about sabyasachi is that he notonly appears in ollywood But Already appears n superhit Telgu movie "Nirajanam" And Bengali Movie "Rakta mukhi leela" , in which He ppears with the lead actress Bobby Hudge. this film will hits the theater soon.

Before That Sabyasachi Mishra Has acted Tremendously In The movie of "Abhimaan"Which Is the  Sidharth Music 29th Venture

Story Line:

The story line of this movie wll based opon serious come lovestory and modrate comedy scene.Inthis movie Sabya sachi play the role of michale And elina has been paly The role of Radhika.
The film may Be release In his dusheraa

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